Jerry Johnson

Colleen Rodgers

I am an acute care nurse and a recent stay at home mom depending on the ACA to cover the insurance needs of my family. When we first signed on to the ACA we were very happy to have a $500 deductible, reasonable monthly premiums, lower co-pays along with the choice of insurance companies and plans. Now that we are going into our third year using the ACA we are sad to report what many families report; loss of coverage options, increased deductibles and co-pays, loss of physicians, and a very frustrating and maddening claims process. Yet, I know my family is lucky compared to many Missourians who are falling through the cracks and have no healthcare coverage as a result of Missouri lawmakers refusing to expand Medicaid. Our ever-growing GDP dedicated to healthcare costs is unsustainable. People that can’t afford healthcare insurance and do not qualify for Medicaid are increasing costs for everyone. And still there are many individuals and families that choose not to use their insurance because they can’t afford the deductibles and co-pays. All of these scenarios have serious health and financial consequences. Something must be done. We must work hard to elect lawmakers like Renee Hoagenson that will go to Washington and fight for healthcare and financial justice for the American People. I will be voting for Renee Hoagenson and encouraging everyone else I know to do the same.

Colleen Rodgers, RN, founder of Missouri Nurses and Patients for Single-Payer Healthcare

The Flag Project

Johnson County Missouri Democrats

Joe Davenport

Lee Day

Brian Simmons

Chip Cooper

I support Renee because she is an accomplished small business owner who is pragmatic about economic matters but also sees how current Republican policies and values are bankrupt as they slavishly serve their corportate and ultra-wealthy masters. Ask yourself why nearly every R senator walked the plank to vote to repeal the ACA with less than 20% of the public in support of their plan. Why? Because they each had a gun to their heads in the form of large campaign contributions directly or indirectly funneled their way by the Koch Donor Network, a group of billionaires led by Charles and David Koch who are the ringmasters of the massive flood of Dark Money into US politics. While We The People are unable (by law) to see who is giving to who it's very well understood that they are funneling billions into the "conservatives" willing to do what they want. One thing they want is for the ACA to be destroyed (including huge cuts to Medicaid) so they can gain massive tax breaks and because they believe in the "survival of the fittest" which generally means whoever has money (whether inherited or earned). Consequently, they (despite platitudes they may ply publicly) want to reduce /eliminate public aid to others via programs including ACA, Medicaid, etc. Social Security and Medicare are on their hit list as well. Also, because one core group of the Koch billionaires has vast fossil fuel holdings, they are responsible for getting their stooge, Scott Pruitt, appointed as head of the EPA where his job is to destroy it, expecially anything to do with regulation of CO2 and efforts to slow climate change. Trump pulled out of the Paris Accord primarily because the Koch Network demanded it even when the public is deeply concerned about the obvious and dramatic changes in weather patterns. The financial core group (Wall Street) of the Koch group wants financial regulations removed (including the continued exisitance of an effective SEC) especially those that came about after the near-collapse of world financial markets due to lax oversight of the "too big to fail" financial institutions that manipulated the system to the point of insolvency. Koch core member, Betsy DeVos, carries out the assault on public education and now protections from sexual assault. Koch stooges Mitch McConnel and Paul Ryan provide needed assistance as required including the latest assault on the tax structure, euphamistically referred to as "tax reform" which, without massive public resistance, will be little more than WealthFare for the Koch billionaires including Mr. Trump who continues to refuse to release his taxes so that inevitable conflicts-of-interest can be in full view. The Koch wish list includes eliminating the estate tax (affecting only a very small number of ultra rich people), the capital gains tax (which already made possible Mitt Romey's 14% tax bracket compared to a much higher bracket for most middle class individuals and families), vast cuts or elimination of corporate taxes, etc. Our Congress is "owned" in great part by the Koch Donor Network and they have every intent to enrich themselves indefinitely with little to no regard for our society, our Constitution, Bill of Rights or the existance of a middle class. They have extended their attention to overwhelming the state and even local levels of politics with their agents and their money. Big Money in American politics is a cancer that will eventually destroy Democracy as we know it. It must be stopped. Renee will work to stop it. She is also focused on helping to address the economic dislocation that the past 20 years have wrought causing ever greater concentration of wealth in the hands of a few and hollowing out the middle class. Renee understands that the American Family is the central unit of society and we must move our policies in a direction that help parents have the time and resources necessary to raise healthy, moral and productive children. THEY are the future of the country. That MUST be one of our primary focuses, now, rather than serving the desire of the ultra wealthy to get even more at the expense of the fabric of society. Renee loves American, supports the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, democratic traditions, checks and balances and the fundamental and revolutionary belief of the Founders that ALL PEOPLE ARE CREATED EQUAL. We must all remember who we are and why America has become the greatest nation in the history of the world. America is build on a concept of freedom, equality and justice. The Preamble to the Constitution calls on us to continue working toward a "more perfect Union." That is the work that is under assault. That is the work that we must continue to faithfully pursue. That is what Renee will do and that's why I support her. I hope you will, too.

Chip Cooper - Founder, The Flag Project

David Worley

This woman is running against Congresswoman Hartzler in the 2018 election for MO district 4. Missouri desperately needs to replace its corrupt and greedy Republican conservative politicians with politicians who actually care for and listen to their constituents!

Renae LeAnn

I am very happy to endorse Renee Hoagenson for Congress! I have known Renee for over 20 years. I have always admired her courage and determination. She is of outstanding character, scrupulous integrity, and is already giving 110% of her heart to this fight. I am confident that Renee will be a servant of the people in our district. She has the intelligence, the business sense, and the ability to work with all who come to the table regardless of party. Renee is a "work horse" and will make the concerns of ALL constituents in the 4th Congressional District heard loud and clear!

Dennis Hull

I am a retired union carpenter and I am very happy to endorse Renee Kennedy Hoagenson for congress in the 4th congressional district. I have talked to her quite a bit and I believe she will be a true friend of all working people. As well as some excellent ideas about health care. It doesn't hurt that she supports the second amendment, which is important to me as well.

Stella Williams

It has been my pleasure to have known Renee Kennedy Hoagenson for 35 years. She is a person of conviction and principle. Renee stands tall for her beliefs and does not retreat from difficult conversations or forward thinking. Renee has the knowledge, consciousness, and commitment to succeed in this role. We are fortunate she has chosen this path!

Bonnie Williams

I met Renee Kennedy Hoagenson this summer at the state fair and got to visit with for awhile. She has since really good ideas for improving the lives of Missourians. I proudly endorse Renee for Congress.

Mark Dahl

I'm thrilled to be endorsing Renee for Congress! I've known and worked with Renee for years. She's smart, energetic and always eager to help anyone and everyone she has worked with and for. I'm convinced Renee will represent the PEOPLE of Missouri. Renee won't back down from a 'fight,' does the research so she knows what she is talking about and I know she will always do what she believes to be the best thing for the citizens she represents while in Congress.

Susan Dahl

I believe Renee Kennedy Hoagenson is a Progressive Democrat, but it is important to me to know that Renee will put what is best for the people of Missouri above party politics. Renee will not back off from what she know is right.

Patty Fox

I support Renee Renee Kennedy Hoagenson for Congress. I have had the opportunity to visit with Renee several times over the last few months. She is well studied on the issues and is thinking carefully about how those issues affect OUR District. The last few months she has traveled around the District meeting people and holding town halls, something our current Representative refuses to do. Right now we need to choose our candidates by the kind of person they are, not just by party. I believe Renee will represent us well and hope you will study her positions and support her in November 2018.

Jim Robertson

Renee Kennedy Hoagenson is an entrepreneur, former colleague and my friend. She is thoughtful, strong and independent, and I can't think of anyone I would rather have represent me in Congress.

Richard Orr

I am proud to endorse Renee in her effort to unseat republican Vicky Hartzler in Missouri's 4th Congressional District. She will work tirelessly to help those in the district she hopes to represent!