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  • commented 2017-10-22 08:59:14 -0500
    Renee, a sample of what I can do . . .

    I don’t care about the Dow Jones, I care about the Doug Jones, how are Doug and Donna doing?

    Not so great, they haven’t seen their real wages increase in 30 years.

    If you want to kick start this economy raise the minimum wage. We can do it, if it had kept up with inflation it would be 15 bucks, but I’m reasonable I’ll take $12.

    That would cost the average Walmart shopper an extra $12 dollars a year.

    12 for 12, that a reasonable place to start. And we don’t have to hammer small business, we can give them a quarterly tax break. Why not? We can just take it out the billions that we subsidize to Exxon. Yes we subsidize Exxon, we subsidized oil companies over 4 billion dollars a year! Tax payer money here ya go . . . . how about we give a little bit of that to the corner store at C and 2 so they can pay their workers 12 bucks an hour!

    That is money that will stay in our community, come back to our community and enrich us all. Meanwhile Exxon may have to sell one of its dozens of corporate jets. I can live with that trade off.

    Research note: In a new report for the Council on Foreign Relations, Gilbert Metcalf, a professor of economics at Tufts University, concluded that eliminating the three major federal subsidies for the production of oil and gas would have a very limited impact on the production and consumption of these fossil fuels.