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Renee's Campaign Kick-off

Candidate Interview by Homer Page

"Candidate Interview Q & A with Renee Hoagenson"

by Homer Page

      Renee Hoagenson employed an unusual approach to announce her candidacy for Congress. Her announcement did not reveal who she was, but it worked for her. Over 175 persons motivated to unseat Vicky Hartzler turned out to meet a person who was ready to step forward to take her on. As many of us, Renee Hoagenson is appalled by the threat Donald Trump poses to the American way of life, and she wants to do something about it. She believes serving in Congress will give her an opportunity to make a difference in this existential struggle for the future of our nation. She believes Vicky Hartzler is vulnerable, and she intends to win.

   reneeivoted.jpg Renee Hoagenson is a small business woman, a mother of three, and a strong, independent person. As a single mom, she has learned to balance care for her children with her need to make a living for her family. Much of her work over the last twenty years has involved advertising. She started two magazines in mid Missouri, The Columbia Market Place and the Jefferson City Market Place. After selling these two publications, she initiated the Sedalia Show Place Magazine. She has also worked for the Columbia Tribune and sold advertising for a radio station. She believes these business experiences will be of great help to her in her run for Congress.

     I enjoyed talking with Renee and getting to know her. She is an intelligent and articulate person with a deep commitment to serve the people of the 4th Congressional District. However, there is still more to admire in Renee.She has a genuine concern for others rooted in her humble yet sincere faith, and her own struggle to survive in the challenging small business environment of mid Missouri and our nation. Renee Hoagenson is a serious candidate who we need to know better. Here is what she had to say...

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Friends of Renee Hoagenson

Grassroots Fundraising Plan


In case you missed our event last Saturday here is the handout for our grassroots fundraising plan for this Quarter. If you would like to help out please contact Laura Mikytuck, (214) 717-0351 or email It is imperative we show a strong first filing to show Republicans we mean business in 2018. We need your help, so jump on a winning team today. 

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